TTG 2023 CNA Basilicata: Impariamo con la terra
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Discover Basilicata

Be amazed by this small, wonderful Southern Italy region.

Basilicata is a constant learning. Here, you learn from the land itself, from its traditions and its landscape. It’s an experience that leads you to respect the past, to adapt to the present and to preserve the future, taking ispiration from historical treasures, from handicraft, from culinary delicacies and from the natural magnificence generously offered by this region.

the tourist routes proposed for TTG 2023


You’ll live unique experiences that will give you unforgettable memories to cherish forever

This journey will lead you into an engaging and immersive experience, allowing you to fully appreciate the cultural, artistic and historical richness of the Ceramic Cities.

 Le citta della Ceramica

the timeless charm of quaint villages

A unique experience that will take you through the authentic essence of Basilicata.

This route will guide you through great places, where history is still alive, where traditions are jealously guarded and nature is a treasure to preserve. It is an invitation to explore Basilicata in all its authenticity, fantasy and magic.

Explore the Tradition, Experience the Emotion

Enter the beating heart of Basilicata and discover the timeless charm

This experience will take you on a journey where the past blends with the present, where wilderness combines with warm local hospitality. Enter the beating heart of Basilicata and discover the timeless charm of our small villages: where history comes to life and adventure has no borders.


A unique experience that will lead you through the authentic essence of Basilicata

A journey through some of Basilicata's most exquisite treasures. Experience the golden beaches and turquoise waters. Discover the colors of autumn and immerse yourself in the peace of the sea, the sweetness of coastal life, sea caves and spectacular sunsets to create indelible memories. Amidst sea, culture, and unspoiled nature, this journey promises an authentic and unforgettable encounter with autumn.

Tour interregionale della ceramica cna basilicata

Interregional tour

Ceramics unites the southern Italy

This tourist-cultural route will lead you into an engaging and immersive experience, which starts from Cerreto Sannita proceeds to Vietri sul Mare passing then through Calvello, Venosa, Matera, Laterza and arrives in Grottaglie and the contrary.

Basilicata as never seen before